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Chromatography System

LC Process
Process HPLC and DAC Column
DAC Column
DAC Column
DAC Column - LC Process

Plant Scale Chromatography or Process HPLC also referred as Prep HPLC along with Dynamic Axial Compression (DAC) Column are used in purification stage during the manufacturing of certain API and more often used in biotechnology for the purification of Peptide, Insulin, mAb’s, Vaccines etc. Prep HPLC is also used for impurity isolation, chiral purification etc. Chromatography purification is a expensive technique, so the chromatography in manufacturing stage is usually used only for the molecule which are novel and expensive or those demand very high purity. Chromatography is the separation technique that can purify the compound upto 99.99% of purity or even higher!

Chromatography is the only technology, that has vast and important application in Lab scale, Prep Scale, Pilot Scale and Plant Scale. HPLC, that stands for “High Pressure Liquid Chromatography”, interestingly the “P” of HPLC is often referred as P : Performance, P : Patience, P : Payable ( Jobs ), P : Profit etc. and all the “P” fits appropriately in the full-form of “HPLC”. Liquid Chromatography is further classified into LPLC and MPLC based on the operating pressure. Interestingly LPLC, MPLC and HPLC all have very specific area of application. Reverse Phase Chromatography is more popular with HPLC, we see more application of Normal Phase on MPLC. Purification stages such as Ion Exchange and Affinity are mostly on LPLC.

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DAC Column - Prep HPLC
LC Process
LC Process

LC Process, Manufacturing (DAC) Column and HPLC System in India, fulfilling all regulatory and FDA requirements, following ASME guidelines, complying 21 CFR Part 11, ATEX. Now having installation in leading organizations in India and Europe. We bring to the World, well crafted, intelligently designed, technically precise and accurate, improved on every aspect based on the user feedback, with nice aesthetics appearance, Prep HPLC System and DAC Column. LC Process manufacture complete range for Pilot scale to Plant scale HPLC System and DAC Column.

Science & History
DAC Column

Mikhail Tswett

Discovered Chromatography in 1903

Mikhail Tsvet, Russian botanist, while his research on plant pigments, led him to devise a separation technique that involved using alcohol & ether to extract plant pigments, then passing the resulting solution through a column of calcium carbonate. Tsvet discovered that the different pigments appeared as different coloured bands. It was believed that plants had only two pigments, chlorophyll and xanthophyll, but Tsvet was able to establish that there were two forms of chlorophyll as well as eight additional pigments and the technique was discovered known as chromatography.

LC Process manufacture Liquid Chromatography system, DAC Column, SAC Column for the Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology and API industry keeping in mind all the necessary compliance and guidelines like 21 CFR Part 11, ATEX, GMP, CE, FDA requirement etc. The Chromatography systems at LC Process are assembled using finest and trustable modules, exactly the same trustable brand of Pump, Motor, Valves, Sensors, Flow Meters, PLC’s, VFD’s, Control Panel etc. sourced from USA, Japan, Germany majorly, as that are used by on any chromatography systems.

LC Process HPLC, LPCL, MPLC System and DAC, SAC Column are backed by reliable knowledgeable intelligent after sales support. LC Process has proud installation in most of the leading organization in India and now installation in Europe too. LC Process is determined to focus on quality, feedback based continuous improvisation, meet the expectation of any URS, flexibility to scientist to think beyond standard configuration, chromatography method and application based system design and not the method design based on limited feature chromatography system. The LC Process chromatography software has endless user friendly features, addition of any “Add-on Program” requirement of any feature on software. The flexible controlled, user friendly operation, easy to learn, easy to operate. We can confidently say, almost “Nothing is impossible” on LC Process software. The PLC controlled 21 CFR Part Compliance software is developed and owned by LC Process.

With exceptionally fantastic user friendly software loaded with extraordinary unmatched features, coupled with rugged, precise and accurate LC Process chromatography system and reliable, strong LC Process DAC Column, make it a very interesting package of technology, always refreshing to work on. Consistent performance, reliable gradient, pure fraction, convenient packing-unpacking LC Process, determined to create a space with repute. Committed to quality and service.

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LC Process HPLC & DAC Column
Latest News 
Nobel Price2020-Chemistry.png

The Nobel Prize - Chemistry ! 

Oct 2020

Emmanuelle Charpentier and Jennifer A. Doudna were jointly awarded The Nobel Prize in Chemistry for their 2012 work on the development of Crispr-Cas9, a method for genome editing. The announcement marks the first time a science Nobel has been awarded to two women.

Nobel Prize 1952-Chromatography.png

Nobel for Chromatography !

From Nobel Archive 1952

The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1952 was awarded jointly to Archer John Porter Martin and Richard Laurence Millington Synge "for their invention of partition chromatography."

LC Process, team of professionals in India and around the globe, involved in various technique of Chromatography. The technology that has endless applications from analytical chromatography, preparative to plant scale chromatography.

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LC Process
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