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Flash Chromatography System

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LC Process Flash Chromatography
LC Process Flash System

LC Process Compact Flash System containing UV-VIS Diode Array Detector, Preparative gradient pump, sample loading with automatic inject valve and fraction collector. Detector allows absorbance measuring on four wavelengths at the same time or scanning the entire spectra. System is controlled by built-in PC and touch screen. Modular solution allows to configure the unit according to customer needs based on the application. LC Process Flash System UV Detectors is available with wavelength range 200 – 400, 600 or 800 nm and also with three different type of pump option with flow rate up to 50, 100 or 300 ml/min and pressure range of 150 Bar. Quaternary gradient pumps option is available. The software control the gradient program and offer various testing and diagnostic functions.

The LC Process can be used as Flash Chromatography System, this is compatible with any make of Flash Cartridges. LC Process also manufacture Reusable, Repackable Flash cartridges. The cost of purification is reduced Reusable flash column. This LC Process System can be used a High Pressure Prep system, with Prep HPLC Column. Most appropriate purification system  with good quality supported with finest service and stocked spare parts, with low maintenance cost and reusable column, this LC Process Chromatography system is set to reduce the cost of purification. Flash System
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