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DAC Column - SFC

Supercritical Fluid CO2

Chromatography Company

CO2  Denser | Liquidator

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is safe, inexpensive, abundantly available and less toxic than most other chemicals that are available or used in the industry. The critical temperature of CO2 is Tc is  31.0 °C which is close to the ambient and its critical pressure Pc is 73.8 Bar is not too harsh making it feasible to use. SFC is slowly gaining popularity as one of the application using Carbon dioxide. Some of the equipment require continuous supply of liquid carbon dioxide. Based on the need from one of the client, LC Process customised machine that can be used to liquify the liquid or gas state carbon dioxide. This is LC Process CO2 Denser or CO2 Liquidator.  The input to the CO2 Denser | Liquidator is liquid or gas carbon dioxide supplied from a cylinder or reservoir at certain pressure in the range of 50 Bar and above. CO2 Denser | Liquidator output is continuous supply of liquid CO2.

SFC, Supercritical Fluid Chromatography is popular technique, especially used for chiral separations. SFC is preferred over the routine Normal phase chiral HPLC, due to speed of separation, safe to handle, wide applicability and major difference compared to the solvent cost. At the semi-preparative level the fraction volume are small and so is the dry-down time and overall, reducing the cost. As non-flammable nature and non-hazardous safe for laboratory environment, esy to dispose compared to HPLC mobile phase that is big in volume and some HPLC solvents are hazardous. SFC has been growing rapidly, particularly in drug discovery in the pharmaceutical industry. However, the technology has still not reached in every research laboratory. Many Researchers in this field still remain unfamiliar with this technology and its advantages. Still vast amount of chiral separations and purifications continue to be performed using expensive, flammable organic solvents, longer run length, close eluting peak separations, collecting larger fractions, less safe to environment compared to SFC. SFC is once to t niche and wonderful technique, less popular but huge advantage. We admire this technology so added a note on this, that goes with our LC Process CO2 Denser.

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