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DAC Column - Flash - LC Process

Plant Scale Flash Chromatography

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SAC Column

system and preparative HPLC system. Because the hardware can withstand higher pressure upto 20 Bar and 50 Bar, so can be used for both Reverse Phase Flash chromatography and Normal Phase Flash chromatography. The new advancement is to develop method for Chiral Flash Chromatography. The LC Process Preparative Flash and LC Process SAC make a good combination for Chiral Flash chromatography. Along with re-usable column, LC Process has range of sample loader for the various ways of loading for Flash chromatography technique, useful especially for pilot and production scale. Liquid Sample Loader (LS-Load) where the sample can be neat or dissolved in another solvent or  Dry Charging Loader ( DC-Load ) for dry powder, gel so silica charged sample loading. Both LS-Load and DC-Load of LC Process are available various kind of fitting and fixtures, compatible to each and every chromatography system and column. A general accepted assumption is that the compound or molecule that enter the column first, adsorb at the top of the column and other get absorbed at the lower slots of the column theoretically. Loading quantity is also important, higher loading will have wider peaks and merge with another peak. Apart from loading volume, the peak widening depend on other reason too. TLC Plate run is useful to determine the load, the difference in column volumes between the desired compound and the nearest impurity. Calculate the retention factor Rf for each spot, the CV = 1/Rf. Subtract one CV from the other. Determine the time taken by sample to move down the column with CV, with same composition of solvent used for TLC. The spot with 1 CV may not retain and elute with column void volume. Further determine the appropriate loading based on the target, either yield or purity. Flash Chromatography is the extended of one of the oldest form of chromatography, make it more feasible, economical, reliable with LC Process.  Improve resolution with LC Process.

LC Process wish to introduce a thought, a proven technique, made simple, made accessible, for preparative separations, instead of using disposable flash columns, think beyond, shift to re-packable flash column, customised re-usable SS column. General observation is that the mobile phase, loading quantity, gradient condition, stationary phase, particle size play important role in flash chromatography and for open column chromatography, equally important is the length and diameter of the column along with homogenously packed stationary phase for better resolution. Considering that the column play and important role not only in separation but in the economics of chromatography purification, LC Process designed a very user friendly re-usable column for flash column chromatography and open column chromatography. In past Flash chromatography was considered as a technique that improve the purity of samples to certain acceptable level. But now we can see more broader use of flash chromatography, for kilo scale and production scale. The traditional packed column are not always economical and make the process expensive. LC Process SAC ( Static Axial Column ), EPC ( Easy Pack Column ) and CCC ( Close Column Chromatography ). LC Process SAC, EPC, CCC column are easy to pack, unpack and re-pack, friendly to use, reproducible performance& compatible with any make of flash chromatography

DC Column - SAC Column for Flash - LC Process
LC Process - SAC Column - DAC Column
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